With the Moto X we shipped the first voice activated phone to market in 2013.

Initially conceived of as a helpful assistant around the house, I saw the potential of hands-free voice assistance in the car and took ownership of the automotive experiences. For the first time ever, drivers could use just their voice to answer calls and send text messages safely.

"I’m not sure what impressed me more: the ease of this function, or the fact that I didn’t have to think about where I was and what mode I was in." -The Verge



Smart Actions was an award winning contextual automation app for Android phones. As a Sr. UX Designer I led the creation of the interaction model and app design for this novel automation tool.

"I have an action that says if someone calls the phone, look if Guy has an appointment. If Guy has an appointment send the caller a text message that says “I'm busy, I'll call you back”. Unless it's my wife. Then the phone rings. You can’t do that on iPhone." -Guy Kawasaki

Millions of customers benefited from Smart Actions even if they didn't know it, since suggested automations were offered as simple notifications. The app was powerful and useful, and some features like Do Not Disturb were quickly copied by Apple.

"DO NOT DISTURB Here’s another brilliant phone feature that began as a Motorola Smart Action and reached a much bigger audience in iOS 6, the latest iPhone software." - NY Times