Alexa Auto integrates the latest voice assistance with automotive tech. In my role as UX design lead, I led the design for Alexa's voice forward user interfaces for music, messaging, and navigation. I drove the creation of hands-on prototypes that enabled our product and engineering teams to gather useful insights from real world testing.

"Giving Alexa more control over the actual car itself means less time hunting and pecking through menus — “Alexa, I am hot” is apparently enough to get air conditioning going — and more time with eyes actually on the road, which could be a win for safety and convenience." - The Verge


Alexa can be a great companion on the road, but to offer customers more deeply integrated and compelling features, we had to rethink the entire automotive digital cabin.

The challenge is how to bring together new services like paying for parking, ordering food, or connecting to your smart home safely in the car. Adding to that, strong OEM brands desire to own the look and feel of the UI as a market differentiator. 

In my role as both a Lead UX Designer and Design Manager for Amazon's digital cabin, I built and led the design team that won business from Stellantis for their 2024 SmartCockpit program. Together with my team I led the creation of a scaleable, modular UI design system that enables automotive OEMs to build their brands on top of Amazon services.

"By leveraging artificial intelligence and cloud solutions, we will transform our vehicles into personalized living spaces and enhance the overall customer experience, making our vehicles the most wanted, most captivating place to be, even when not driving.” - Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis